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Sunday, August 28, 2011

This made me laugh!

And the Oscar for best dramatic performance goes to....


What a big fuss that was... The news channels are doing close ups of puddles in an effort to drag on the drama for just a few more hours!

Whatever was left of the storm came and left whilst I was asleep so I really don't have any info or interesting stories. I slept well if that is of interest to anyone?

Anyway, love you all lots - I'm going to stuff my face by eating all my provisions in one sitting now!! xxx

Saturday, August 27, 2011

All Quiet on the Western Front

So it's past midnight and so far it has been pretty tame. In fact the only risk of damage at this point is the brain damage I am getting from sitting through 10 hours of Extreme Weather Center on Fox. The only part of the coverage that I appreciate is the strategic posting of extremely waif-like Asian female reporters along the Eastern seaboard to report on the extreme conditions - it makes for much better TV when there's a chance that the 85lb reporter may actually be scooped up into the vortex of the storm cell. There's nothing gripping about watching a 250lb dude standing on the beach as if it's just a light summer breeze passing through!

I will be heading to bed shortly - most likely to watch some more mindless drivel - and I will text Dad and Jimmy as soon as I wake up to let them know that I am alright - even though Jimmy suggested I go onto the roof of my building with - quote - "a tin foil hat" and "metal kite"... Thanks Jimmy - your love may well just blow this damned storm away!

Love all lots xxx

Come on Irene!

Here she comes, and she's a big one... In fact taking the analogy of a hurricane as an unwanted female seems to fit pretty well... When you know they're on their way the best thing to do is to stay inside and keep away from the windows! I'm sure hiding behind furniture can also help...

So Irene is due to hit tonight at about 9pm - or so sayeth the merchant of doom (aka Mayor of New York) Bloomberg. It has really ruined my day already... I have been forced to stay in, and watch three football matches, I have been forced to order takeaway as all the stores are closed... it really is completely different to my usual routine on the weekend!!

I have 12 liters of water, 3 liters of peach ice tea, 4 heinekens, a melon, some cookies, a twix, a snickers and some pop tarts. I am set! I have filled my bath with water in case the water supply shuts down and I need water to flush certain things away... And I am now watching Fox News' uninterrupted Irene coverage - boy the Yanks are a dramatic bunch - I swear they love all of this...

I will be ready with my camera for any flying cows going past my window, and will post updates if anything actually happens.

I appreciate all the calls to check in on me today... not! I even checked - my phone line is working... Hello?!

Love you all loads xxxxx

Thursday, August 25, 2011

32 years and 1 day old...

So I'm getting back into the swing of things here in New York. Feeling much more like my old self after two weeks of family inspired rehabilitation! I still wish I was in France where my main concerns were whether there would be any pain-au-chocolat left by the time I dragged myself out of bed, how much after-sun lotion was left, and how much red wine was left... Now that is heaven for me - I now know what I would do if I win the lottery!!

So I quickly returned to the old routine... we lost badly at football on Tuesday night and to rub salt in the wound I managed to get a nasty carpet burn on my knee from the astroturf - some carpet burns are worth the pain... This one most definitely wasn't!

Yesterday, being my birthday, I had my cleaner come over in the morning to make the apartment all nice. Whilst she is here I move my laptop outside onto the terrace and work outside for a few hours - which is great. As it was my birthday I decided that instead of work I would watch episodes of Entourage (HBO show - very funny) until Arsenal's game started. After the game I went out for dinner with Gil, Rosa (Gil's girlfriend), and Maria & Tania (lesbian couple who are hilarious). We had dinner at Delicatessen on Prince Street in SoHo and then drinks at a nearby bar. Not sure what exactly was happening at the bar but it looked like there was a private event going on there - lots of people with name badges and a special DJ... In hindsight we may have crashed... Anyway, every 20 minutes they had the DJ run a competition for prizes in what must have been an effort to get people talking to each other - the first competition was for the first male and female who had birthdays in August. Tania and I both did so we immediately went up and got our prize (free drinks tokens), even though everyone seemed a bit put out that we obviously weren't a part of the private event! 20 minutes later the DJ did the next competition - first male and female whose first names began with the same letter... Tim and Tania again won! Even more unhappiness from the official party-goers... By this point the free drinks tokens and the hilariousness of the whole situation was causing us all too giggle a lot. Another 20 minutes goes by before the DJ shouts out - first male and female with the same first letter of their surname... Tania Branez and I were told to sod off when we arrived to collect our next prize and the DJ announced over the PA system that the competition was a huge failure and they were stopping it with immediate effect!

Today, I took it very easy and caught up with work and played my guitar - I can now play an awesome Eye of the Tiger and a decent 7 Nation Army! The weather is beginning to get stormy as hurricane irene heads straight for us... Tomorrow I may be meeting up with Gil again for dinner, and this Sunday I am going to the New York Arsenal supporters pub (the Blind Pig - sounds like some of my dates from university...) with a couple of English friends to see the Arsenal vs Man Utd game.

I will blog what happens next.

Love you all and miss you so much. Especially after seeing that video of Harper - best thing I have ever seen!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back in the Big Apple

Hi all - just wanted to let you know that I made it back fine and with all my luggage and guitar in tact! Had a bit of a close shave getting to Heathrow on time as there was a nasty crash on the M20 by Maidstone with at least 3 cars involved, one was on it's roof... Had to make small talk with Mr Reet for two hours whilst we waited for the police to clear a lane for us to pass.... I've had easier conversations in French!

Got to Heathrow with about 5 minutes to spare but it was all good. Flight was great and I was first through customs and my bag came out 5th.

Just wanted to say thanks for everyone's love and support - it was so good spending some time with you all and I loved every minute and can't wait to see you all again.

I am going for a shower and then to bed - whoopah! Love you all xxx