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Saturday, August 27, 2011

All Quiet on the Western Front

So it's past midnight and so far it has been pretty tame. In fact the only risk of damage at this point is the brain damage I am getting from sitting through 10 hours of Extreme Weather Center on Fox. The only part of the coverage that I appreciate is the strategic posting of extremely waif-like Asian female reporters along the Eastern seaboard to report on the extreme conditions - it makes for much better TV when there's a chance that the 85lb reporter may actually be scooped up into the vortex of the storm cell. There's nothing gripping about watching a 250lb dude standing on the beach as if it's just a light summer breeze passing through!

I will be heading to bed shortly - most likely to watch some more mindless drivel - and I will text Dad and Jimmy as soon as I wake up to let them know that I am alright - even though Jimmy suggested I go onto the roof of my building with - quote - "a tin foil hat" and "metal kite"... Thanks Jimmy - your love may well just blow this damned storm away!

Love all lots xxx


  1. Oh - Tone, can you tell Cadel that there have been hundreds of tornadoes? xxx