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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Come on Irene!

Here she comes, and she's a big one... In fact taking the analogy of a hurricane as an unwanted female seems to fit pretty well... When you know they're on their way the best thing to do is to stay inside and keep away from the windows! I'm sure hiding behind furniture can also help...

So Irene is due to hit tonight at about 9pm - or so sayeth the merchant of doom (aka Mayor of New York) Bloomberg. It has really ruined my day already... I have been forced to stay in, and watch three football matches, I have been forced to order takeaway as all the stores are closed... it really is completely different to my usual routine on the weekend!!

I have 12 liters of water, 3 liters of peach ice tea, 4 heinekens, a melon, some cookies, a twix, a snickers and some pop tarts. I am set! I have filled my bath with water in case the water supply shuts down and I need water to flush certain things away... And I am now watching Fox News' uninterrupted Irene coverage - boy the Yanks are a dramatic bunch - I swear they love all of this...

I will be ready with my camera for any flying cows going past my window, and will post updates if anything actually happens.

I appreciate all the calls to check in on me today... not! I even checked - my phone line is working... Hello?!

Love you all loads xxxxx

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