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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to my sister!

Today was my sister, Antonia's, birthday! Happy birthday Tone!! Hope you had a lovely day xxx

I haven't been up to much this week (not a surprise...) so this blog will be a quickie! On Wednesday, I had my weekly night out on the razzle - this week I had dinner with my business buddy Frankie D. We ate at the new Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue. It was an Italian restaurant and was very nice - I had salmon carpaccio followed by Squid Ink Tagliatelle with seafood. Great food and great company. After I left Frank I went to the Meatpacking to meet with Gil (not a surprise...) where he was having dinner with friends and acquaintances at MPD. By the time they had finished eating I was a little tipsy and unquestioningly followed them all to a cool club called the 1920 Bunker Club. Very cool.

The next morning after running through my "hangover checklist" - Who's apartment is this?! Mine...phew! Check. Did I take my contacts out last night? Yes... Check. Do I have my wallet and all my bank cards? Yes... Check. Did I bring home my suit jacket? Yes.... Check. Did I send any silly text messages to anyone? Just Jimmy... Check. I settled into recovery mode (aka lights off, stretch out on sofa, emit low groan continuously for 14 hours, chuckle at silly things I did in uber-trendy club last night). Recovery Thursday contained not a single additional activity.

On Friday, feeling refreshed and hairy, I decided to get my ass down to the barbers' shop for a trim. My barber is another uber-trendy establishment in the West Village / Meatpacking called FSC (Freeman's Sporting Club). It is exactly how I imagine a 1920's barbers' shop would look if there was one at the Epcot Center! I always feel slightly intimidated by it's trendy "we're so not trendy it's trendy" vibe and today my intimidation was heightened by having to sit next to a celebrity in the waiting area! Nigel Barker is the celeb in question and he is to fashion what Simon Cowell is to music. He is British, he is a fashion photographer extraordinaire and he is one of the hosts of America's Next Top Model with Tyra Banks. On top of that I have to admit that he is very good looking... Here's a photo for the ladies:

So as I was sitting next to this celeb, trying not to look like I cared one little bit, I decided to busy myself by messaging with Jimmy on my iPhone. Jimmy however, was still amusing himself by the fact that messaging me the word "gin" would still make me want to vomit in my mouth... After one too many gin references (it was either - have you ever been to Vir-GIN-ia?, or - that was GINius) I decided to send Jimmy a picture of what my vomit might look like if he kept up his juvenile teasing (where did he get that from??). It was at the time that I sent him a picture of a toilet covered in puke that Nigel, lord of the cool, Barker looked over my shoulder, saw the picture, shuddered and said under his breath "lovely". He looked very relieved when his hairdresser came and got him moments later... I guess I won't hold my breath for those tickets to the season finale of America's Next Top Model...

Saturday, inspired by my trendy haircut, and the arrival of my new scarf from, I decided that Timmy needed a blazer. I had been meaning to get one for months and months but was put off by the continuous heatwave that is the New York summer. So I styled my barnet and headed out to the Meatpacking (if you hadn't guessed - I love the fricking Meatpacking!!) to the new All Saints store there and proceeded to buy myself a lovely blazer. Very happy with my buy. So here is a self taken (sad) photo of myself displaying hair, scarf and blazer... enjoy... or don't... see if I care... but seriously... ENJOY!!!:

Only comments relating to how the 2nd picture in this blog is far sexier than the 1st will be accepted...

Today, I met up with my friend Stevie P (the actor) and we went to an Irish bar near Times Square to watch the Chelsea versus Man Utd football game. I gave in to temptation and circumstance and ordered the Irish Breakfast which consisted of two eggs, over-easy, 2 slices of toast, a portion of fries, two sausages, a pile of bacon, lots of black pudding, limitless coffee refills and two pints of Guinness - the breakfast of champions I hear you say! When I got home my scales were hiding from me and threatened to report me to the police for abuse if I dared stand on them... So I didn't!

Tonight I did house chores (laundry and online supermarket shopping) and went to Chelsea Piers to hit some golf balls. 

Onwards and upwards... Love you all lots! xxx


  1. Thanks for the birthday best wishes Tim and by the way you look ravishing and sooo much younger!

  2. No problem Tone! Did you get my Amazon vouchers? I shall allow your comment!! xx

  3. Minky says great photo - says you should use it as your FACEBOOK image xxxxx