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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Scale of the century....

Hello all! I hope that my recent lack of blog activity hasn't caused too much consternation amongst my loyal followers... I'm talking about you Dad!

I would have to describe my week as eminently unbloggable... It has been a decent sort of week but as we are between football seasons at the moment, I don't even have a humiliating defeat to talk about. Work has been another week of holding pattern as I wait on several clients to get back to me on various proposals.

I did catch up with a British friend of mine who has recently moved to NYC as his play has moved to Broadway after a successful stint in Chicago. This is obviously impressive going for a guy only two years out of acting school and despite having followed a career path that almost represents an effort to stalk Jimmy (he worked at Encore tickets and DCG!) he is still very grounded which is great. The show is called Chinglish and his name is Stephen Pucci.

So we met up on Wednesday and had dinner at Spice Market - Asian restaurant in Meatpacking district - which was fun. We moaned about women and Americans. Apparently the cultural differences between Brits and Yanks is even further accentuated in the field of theatrical performances. We have vowed to meet up often for more beers and bitching!

Thursday night I got a call from Gil and we decided to welcome the new season of American football at a sports bar (or two) and somehow I woke up on Friday feeling a little worse for wear! I have a sneaky suspicion that someone spiked my gin with tonic water...

Normally, waking up with your pyjamas on back to front and having not quite managed to pull the duvet over yourself before falling asleep, is not the end of the world... Especially on a Friday when you work at home and have no client meetings scheduled. Imagine my horror when I checked my schedule and noticed that the weekly Managing Directors call would this week be a two hour video conference call...! I hastily drank two starbucks coffee drinks and had a shower before putting on a shirt - just a shirt.. I was wearing boxers and thought what's the point of trousers when all they can see is my top half! It was one of the longest two hours of my life - in fact if my doctor ever tells me I have just two hours to live and Mr Reet isn't available, I will schedule another video conference call with a hangover! I will be begging the Grim Reaper to arrive!!

Due to novelty of the call and the fact that one of my partners - an Indian Sikh - took the call from his car, which we all found to be hilarious and equally dangerous, Chris Debrusk took a screenshot to remember our first one (see below).

Today my scales arrived - which means I can now draw a line in the sands of obesity (if I could even bend my massive bulk over to reach the sand...). This is a new dawn for Timmy - I will now be regularly documenting my weight on this blog as I look to drop some of the baby (whale) weight I've been carrying. 

So anyway, I opened the box containing my scales and noticed that they had included a tape measure, so I measured my waist (42 inches..I checked and they were definitely not centimeters) - not a great start. Next I put the batteries in the scales and with little fanfare stepped onto my platform of shame. In large LED lights that can be seen from the moon, a number appeared on the screen, at first I thought the number was one of those counters that shows the current size of the US National Debt, but on closer inspection it was a much larger number than that! 

My weight (drum roll....) is 17 stone 11 lbs. Oh dear! Damn you pain au chocolat, blocks of soft cheese and red wine!! At this point I thought to myself that instead of a measuring tape they should have included a number for a suicide hotline... but after discovering how difficult it is to sever an artery through an inch of whale blubber, I decided to give weight loss a real go!

My target weight, for no reason at all other than nostalgia for a weight that I haven't seen since my teenage years, is 16 stone and 7 lbs. That is an 18lb loss goal (36lbs if I factor in Mum & Dad's upcoming trip!!). I will be posting regularly here so that you can keep the edges of your seats worn down with the inevitable excitement of it all...

Anyway, love you all loads!! xxx


  1. Are your new partners giants or did your lack of trousers cause you to keep low in your chair?

  2. The reason I am so small is that I did not want to sit close to the video camera so as to hide my hangover...

  3. I love your blogs, they always really make me laugh, just what I needed tonight - thank you!!