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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Win some, win some

We won!! Ok - the other team didn't show up so we got a 10-0 walkover... but all the same it's our first victory since the last team that didn't show up about 14 weeks ago!! Instead of playing a competitive game we had a friendly game with the three players from the other team who did show up plus three of our team on one side against the remaining members of our team. It was still a great run around and gave us a chance to relax a bit and to try playing proper football - including actually passing to each other...

Not much else to report today except that yesterday as I was in the West Village sending some documents by FedEx, I ended up standing next to my dream celebrity girl - Olivia Wilde - as she tried to hail a taxi. She stars in House (which has Hugh Laurie in it) and is super sexy! Sensing my one and only opportunity to approach the girl of my dreams and to make some witty / charming introduction, I did what any good Bethel man would do.... I pretended not to notice her and sent messages to Jimmy on my iPhone instead!! Spotting celebrities must be like London buses I think...

For those who don't immediately recognize the name here is the future ex Mrs Bethel:

And for anyone wondering what to get me for my birthday next year... (balloons optional):

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  1. I was so excited when I started reading "Yes, they won a match" only to keep reading and realise that it was by default! Has anyone in your team ever suggested meeting inbetween matches for a practise? Very impressed you saw the lady from House (love that programme), things normally go in three's so I can't wait to hear who you see next! Antonia xx