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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lose some, lose some

So it's Tuesday night which means that all the mental institutions in New York let their patients out to play football on my team... After our dreadful performance last season we were quite rightly relegated to the third (turd..) division. It was hilarious to listen to my team-mates complaining about being relegated before our game tonight...! They were genuinely bewildered to have been relegated after a season that comprised zero wins, zero draws and 8 defeats!

Well guess what - we lost! 13-4!! We were awful... At the end of the game my team-mates were genuinely surprised we lost and said things like "I can't remember us being that bad".... I was going to remind them that we were that bad just two weeks ago before catching myself and reminding myself that it requires an actual brain to have memories from two weeks prior...

On a lighter note... I weighed in after my game tonight and the scales told me I had lost 5lbs!! I am very happy and currently stand at 17st 6lbs - so I am 13lbs away from my target weight! Not bad after just a few days and really it's all down to a better eating regime - I haven't ordered delivery for a week, and I have been eating cereal for breakfast, a light lunch, fruit in the afternoon and a low calorie dinner. No chocolates, no desserts, no fizzy drinks at all (hhhhhhhmmmmppphhh!), and nothing after 8pm.

Anyway, nothing really funny has happened to me so I'm sorry if this blog has been a little bit flat... But I love you all loads xxxx


  1. Bad luck on the footie but well done on the weight loss!

  2. Well done for losing weight, I'm also losing the "summer tummy" and the hunger is making me a bit ratty! Miss you, love you - Antonia xxx