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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 2 in your big brother's house

I crawled very wearily out of bed this morning for my 8am managing director's call, after finally falling asleep last night at around 4am. For an hour we talked about what we have all been working on for the past week and what if any new opportunities we have seen. It's a quiet period of the year for consulting as most projects start in September as people are away in July and August with the school holidays. That suits me fine right now, even though it would be nice to bag a decent project or two before I head over to Europe to see everyone.

After my call I watched the final 45 minutes of the Tour de France which was exciting as there were some perilous turns on the high speed descent just before the end of the race. In fact one corner caught out two riders, including the yellow jersey holder, and they both ended up off the road and in somebody's front yard - will probably improve the value of the property if it has some effect on the outcome of the overall race!

I have decided for the first time maybe in my life to begin a healthy body regime hoping that it has positive impacts on my energy levels and endurance levels (essentially I want to be fit enough so that I never have to sub off at soccer therefore reducing the need to have an additional American on the pitch!). It would also be nice to go to the beach or pool without worrying about my moobs. So I started off with a bowl of cereal (Special K red berries) for breakfast, then a serving of melon for lunch followed by a 500 calorie ravioli dish for dinner.

I also went to the gym and signed up for my membership and set up my first training session for 11am tomorrow morning. Whilst that sounds impressive - I hear you all saying well done Tim! - I have to explain that the gym is in my building. Furthermore I have been a member for two and a half years already (membership included in my rent). Even furthermorer... there is a private resident's entrance on the third floor of my building (FYI - I live on the third floor) that means I would, at a stretch, have to walk 30 yards to get to the cycling machine without even having to step foot outside...!

As I hadn't taken up the membership before today, I didn't have access to the private residents entrance and so had to walk the 50 yards outside to get to the general public entrance... I spent the entire enrollment meeting sweating profusely as if I had abseiled down the Empire State building before sprinting the last few miles to get there! And you know what the guy said who was filing my paperwork? What would you say your current level of fitness is?!

I then came back to the apartment wondering what the heck I'd just committed myself to and decided that I couldn't get any more sweaty so I cleaned my terrace. I was wrong... I was drenched... my eye balls sweated! The only part of me that doesn't sweat is the part of my heel where all the hard skin is! And that just makes me worried that I will have some sort of sweat retention issues at a later date...

Tonight I have mainly been taking on liquids and waiting for the temperature to drop to an acceptable level - it was about 30 degrees centigrade today, tomorrow is forecast to hit 36 and Friday 38... God help me.

I am about to go for a stroll along the Highline park to take photos of a sandwich stand for Dad... So whilst I am there I will try and take some interesting pics for everyone else. By the way, if anyone ever has any requests for particular photos of anything in New York, just let me know and I will see what I can do.

That's about it for me at the moment, although I do have a quick observation on this whole blogging thing... When Mum and Dad called me to talk today I found myself wanting to not tell them what I had done today because I didn't want to steal my own blog's thunder! I find that mildly amusing... Goodnight, love you all xxx  


  1. Tour de France was great, wish I had been in the front garden, what a brilliant view! Antoniaxx

  2. If I were you I would grab a cab or one of those 'chinese' type man propelled 'bike chairs' to make it to the Gym until you take up membership and presumably get your own entry swipe card. Goodness me, 50 yards is 50 yards, quite exhausting before you commence your exercises!