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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday 22nd

Hey all - it's going to be a quick blog from me tonight as to be completely honest with you I haven't done an awful lot worth blogging about - one of the quirks of blogging is this new found guilt I have when I don't do anything that I consider bloggable! It's a form of performance anxiety I guess...

Anyway, my day started off pretty well as I began with an unexpectedly funny text conversation with Jimmy that had me laughing out loud in bed and, unfortunately for Jimmy, drawing concerned looks from fellow passengers on his train as he tried to stifle his giggles. Whilst the subject of said conversation unfortunately remains a state secret, never to be told to anyone else, it was a very humorous way to kick start my day.

I began today as I have begun many days over the past 2 weeks - with my daily dose of the Tour de France and enjoyed it thoroughly as it enters its final stages. I am not sure what I will fill my mornings with once it finishes on Sunday - maybe work....? I still haven't seen any of the riders attempting a toilet break whilst still riding - which I think Emma once told me is what they do. But I remain hopeful. What I don't understand is the idiots who run alongside the riders as they are attempting to reach the pinnacle not only of a tortuously high mountain in the Alps but also of their cycling careers... I was delighted when the reigning champion, Alberto Contador - who I am growing to like more and more, actually appeared to hit one of these idiots with his fist as he was rounding one of the 21 hairpin corners on the final climb today!

After the cycling I usually find myself revved up and ready to take on the world, so I wait for that strange feeling to quickly pass before deciding what I am going to have for breakfast! And then resign myself to another day of imprisonment by weather - it peaked at about 38 degrees today, and as I am writing this at a quarter to two in the morning it has dropped to an uncomfortable 32 degrees... Crazy. I have the air conditioning on so much that my electricity company are thinking about asking me to pay my bill daily!

This afternoon I meandered through some work items and checked updates on Facebook, whilst analyzing my blog's stats - which I am obsessed about! I knew I would be because my sister mentioned on her blog that her son Kofi obsessed about the stats on her site and he and I are practically identical in so many ways that it was a certainty that I would do the same! What has interested me most, apart from the fact that I am personally the most frequent visitor to my own blog (checking my stats!), is that I have had one visitor from Germany! I like to sit and wonder what on earth he or she must have thought as they stumbled onto my blog...

This evening I watched a movie called The Adjustment Bureau which stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt (always makes me think of my sister Emma due to the name) which was great and had the added bonus of being filmed in New York and gave me the opportunity to spot places where I have been and feel smug about it! There were numerous examples in this movie - including a taxi driving right past my building's front door, and Matt Damon coming out of a building entrance that is on Credit Suisse's building on Madison Avenue and that entrance is usually not in use and it is where I often stand whilst I wait if I'm early for a meeting with my Credit Suisse buddy Frankie D. I think that I shall always be spotting my New York landmarks in movies for the rest of my life - probably boring everyone with my "That's where I used to stand when I went to Credit Suisse" stories...

I haven't decided what I am going to do this weekend yet as the heat is due to continue throughout the weekend. I'd love to think that blog guilt will push me out the door and maybe get me hitting a few balls at the Chelsea Piers golf driving range but I have a sneaky suspicion that I may just end up playing Tiger Woods on the PlayStation 3! I guess you'll all just have to wait until tomorrow to find out! Love you all lots, xxx

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