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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Places I have lived in New York

For those of you still interested, here are places where I have lived in New York:

My first temporary home in New York was Tribeca Green in Battery Park City, where I lived for 10 weeks in 2006 whilst I worked on a project for Merrill Lynch. I lived with Jimmy here - good times! Our apartment was on the 18th floor and we had a view of the Statue of Liberty.

My second temporary home was at 777 6th Avenue (27th Street) and I lived there for 8 weeks when I first properly moved to New York in 2007. I liked it there because the company paid for it!

I then moved to the West Village area - very cool and relaxed, and with lower buildings. The building I moved into was 130 Barrow Street and it was a converted FedEx van garage! Very cool and close to the river.

I didn't move far to my next apartment - The Archive at 666 Greenwich Street - in fact you can see it in the picture above - the red building in the background. It used to be a government archive building (hence the name) and is now a very cool apartment building. Several well known people lived there including Monica Lewinski and Blake Lively (from Gossip Girl show and is dating Leo DiCaprio).

And last but not least, my current home - The Caledonia on 10th Avenue between 16th and 17th Streets. Very cool new building and also there have been quite a few well known people here including Vin Diesel (movie star) and Leighton Meester (from Gossip Girl show - what is it with me and these Gossip Girls?! - and a recent movie called The Roommate).

Here are the two Gossip Girls... (Blake is the blonde one)

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  1. You've had some nice apartments. Whilst your current one is excellent, we also liked the Tribeca (North End) apartment for it's spaciousness and views over The Hudson and the 6th Avenue one with corner block views up the 24/7 traffic tsunami up or was it down 6th Avenue? Didn't you see the shooting of a car chase scene of a major movie being made in the street below?